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Louden_coverBelow are links to many of the texts that are referenced in each chapter of the book, Pennsylvania Dutch: The Story of an American Language, which is now available. (Click here for an order form that will give you 30% off the list price.) The texts are listed in the order they appear in the book, which is dedicated to Dr. Don Yoder, who passed away on August 11, 2015.

A Sociolinguistic Wonder

John Birmelin, “Wie soll mer schpelle?” / “How Should You Spell?”

Chapter 1: What is Pennsylvania Dutch?

Audio Sample of Palatine German I

Audio Sample of Palatine German II

“Wu is mai schwarzer Gaul?” / “Where Is My Black Horse?”, Nordwestliche Post, January 1, 1819, p. 4

“The Pensil’wanyah Inglish” (1868)

Henry Lee Fisher, “Pennsilfaanisch-Deitsch” / “Pennsylvania Dutch” (1879)

Buddy, the Bilingual Parakeet (1951)

Chapter 2: Early History of Pennsylvania Dutch

“Etwas vom Geigen und Tanzen” / “Something about Fiddling and Dancing”, Neue Unpartheyische Readinger Zeitung, April 30, 1794

“Lancaster Readers Want Stoffel Ehrlich”, Der Wahre Amerikaner, November 16, 1804

“Stoffel Ehrlich Goes to Court”, Der Wahre Amerikaner, November 23, 1804, p. 1

Chapter 3: Pennsylvania Dutch: 1800–1860

“Gespräch zwischen einem Saufaus und einem sogenannten Gentelman” / “Conversation between a Drunkard and a So-called Gentleman”, Der Wahre Amerikaner, January 25, 1806

“Ein Neujahrs-Geschenk” / “A New Year’s Present”, Der Bauern Freund, January 28, 1829, p. 1

Chapter 4: Profiles in Pennsylvania Dutch Literature

Henry Harbaugh, “Das Alt Schul-haus an der Krick” / “The Old Schoolhouse at the Creek” (1861)

Edward H. Rauch, “Die Leckshun is Ewwa Ferlohra” / “The Election Is Plain Lost”, Father Abraham, October 18, 1864, p. 3

Chapter 5: Pennsylvania Dutch in the Public Eye

“Mistaken Identity: The Story of Cpl. Gilbert J. Beamesderfer”

Chapter 6: Pennsylvania Dutch and the Amish and Mennonites

John H. Oberholtzer, “Vom naus Heira” / “On Marrying Outside the Faith” (1862)

Chapter 7: An American Story

Benuel S. Blank, “What Is in a Language? (1986)

Rev. Adam Stump, “Die Muttersproch” / “The Mother Tongue” (likely early 1900s)